Here at Australian Direct all our products are covered by a warranty, this can sometimes be classed as a pro-rata warranty.

What is a pro-Rata warranty? 

In effect the amount of time you have used (received value from) the battery that you are claiming warranty on will be taken into account when replacing the battery under warranty. 

For example: 

After testing, KickAss have agreed that your battery is claimable under warranty. 

From the date of the original Tax invoice it can be ascertained that you have received 25 months of service from the battery that is now faulty. 

The now deemed faulty Battery has a 5 Year Warranty. 

There are 60 Months in a 5 year period. 

At the time of claim the recommended retail price for a new battery of the same type and size is $300. 

Therefore $300 divided by 60 months = $5 per month 

You will need to contribute 25 Months x $5 which is $125 towards the price of a new battery. 

Your replacement battery will receive the full 5 Year Warranty and will be treated as new.